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And so in the end we managed to bring this song on stage, we’ve wanted to do so for a long time now. And here we are! 

I have few thanks to give; 
to the ones who listened to our practice, the ones who watched and cheered for us, and the con’s staff that made it all possible. 

I’m not going to deny all the excitement I felt, SRX is one of the series I love the most and being able to perform on stage this song with Jessica meant the world to me. ( If you read this, you are a bitch after all, ilu )

Cosplayers; Takt KirisawaYousuke Christoph Komae



I’m making another family page, one that’s actually going to be up to date this time. All the people I tag in this, please reblog or reply with the picture you want as your icon. 

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Im reblogging it bc i am on mobile right now so i can remember tomorrow to give you the iconnnn~

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Cosplayers; Takt Kirisawa, Yousuke Christoph Komae

Scared Rider XechS

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Yowamushi Pedal Hakone Academy Chapter ~Sleeping Straight-Line Demon~

  • Miyazaki Shuuto as Shinkai Hayato
  • Kobayashi Katsuya as Fukutomi Junichi
  • Suzuki Hiroki as Arakita Yasutomo
  • Tamaki Yuki as Toudou Jinpachi
  • Kawaharada Takuya as Izumida Touichirou
  • Ueda Keisuke as Manami Sangaku
  • Torigoe Yuki as Naruko Shoukichi
  • Murata Mitsu as Midousuji Akira
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This picture was a must take on that day.

Cosplayers; Arakita, Toudou, Manami, OnodaImaizumi, Naruko

Ph Shinno

And this is another selfie I took as Reiji.

Cosplaying him is always always always fun~!

And here’s another picture from the last con we attended. It’s actually the only good one we have of us as Fuuto and Yuusuke’s summer uniforms.

But we had fun bickering as usual~

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I’m alive I promise

Please take this selfie that I took last saturday as a proof that you still haven’t gotten rid of me

Kotobuking is still around~~~

A study in the italian mindset via tags.


You can insult in any way, you can call us ‘mafiosi’ or start with the worst stereotypes but you won’t get the angry widespread horrified reactions you’ll get when you touch/mistreat/trashtalk our food. I was reading the tags in that pizza post I reblogged a few hours ago: