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i’m feeling pretty ugly :x

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Yowamushi Pedal character singles vol. 05-08 decided!

  • Vol. 05 - Hakogaku Climbers: Toudou Jinpachi & Manami Sangaku
    (CVs. Kakihara Tetsuya & Yonaga Tsubasa)

  • Vol. 06 - Hakogaku All-rounders: Fukutomi Juichi & Arakita Yasutomo
    (CVs. Maeno Tomoaki & Yoshino Hiroyuki)

  • Vol. 07 - Hakogaku Sprinters: Shinkai Hayato & Izumida Touichirou
    (CVs. Hino Satoshi & Abe Atsushi)

  • Vol. 08 - Rival Climbers: Makishima Yuusuke & Toudou Jinpachi
    (CVs. Morikubo Shoutarou & Kakihara Tetsuya)

Volumes 05-07 will each have two solo songs of respective characters and one duet song, whereas volume 08 will have two duet songs (one is “Makishima x Toudou” and the other “Toudou x Makishima”). Titles are to be determined. Karaoke versions will be included.

Price is ¥1,500+tax for each CD.

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Track 03
代永 翼 (CV. Tsubasa Yonaga) & 柿原 徹也 (CV.Tetsuya Kakihara)
YOWAMUSHI PEDAL Character Song vol.5
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Manami x Toudou duet download: (X)

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Track 02
柿原 徹也 (CV.Tetsuya Kakihara)
YOWAMUSHI PEDAL Character Song vol.5
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Toudou’s character song download: (X)

Track 02
吉野 裕行 (CV. Hiroyuki Yoshino)
Yowamushi Pedal Character Song Vol.6
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Arakita’s character song download: (X)

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yowapeda excites me 

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Omg really? I’ve been sitting my ass this whole time without even knowing ahahah
How old are you? I’m on my way to 20 :3

It’s okay! I had no idea either if they hadn’d told me. 

And I turned 20 on april 5, so we really are born the same year u.u now you just have to tell me you live in Rome and we’re set to go (??) 

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(…..Yuta, it’s still wrong…..)

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